Official Matrix Screen Saver

Official Matrix Screen Saver 5.00

Image Official Matrix Screen Saver 5.00
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    Windows ME

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    January 30, 2022

  • "Enter the Matrix with this dynamic screen saver"

Official Matrix Screen Saver takes you fully into the exciting world of Matrix, whose elements are represented by green codes. After this screen saver is activated, the monitor will play a black background on which the greenish characters of the film that they hide from an object to a person will appear.

The green code that appeared in all three Matrix movies is shown on the screen saver so that whenever it is activated you will always believe that you are inside this unreal world that hides an important philosophical charge. The characters do not follow any pattern when moving, so they are randomly scrolled around the monitor.

Being an official screensaver, the effect is exactly the same as the films, so you'll get into the role of Neo trying to decipher what your eyes are really seeing.